Anemone blanda Radar AGM

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Anemone blanda Radar AGM

Anemone blanda Radar AGM

Anemone blanda Radar has been awarded a garden merit by the RHS for the simple fact that it has proven to be a great performer in the garden. The flowers are a bright red with a white centre. The flowers are a deep rose pink and with its dwarf habitat they are ideal for most garden settings. Anemones are ideal for inter planting between shrubs or other bulbs. The flowers are long lasting and if grown in semi-shade will last much longer. Happy to be grown in slightly acid soils they will spread very quickly. Use bulb starter when first planting to help them establish. Soak corms in water for 24hrs before planting to aid germination. Anemones are excellent naturalisers and as such ideal to grow between trees or in the wilder parts of the garden.


Flowering time: March-April
Height: 12-15cm

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