Unusual tuberous rooted plants of the aroid family. They are mainly hardy and grow well in shaded areas.

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Arisaema Collection
A wonderful collection of arisaemas which comprises 1 each of nepenthoides, griffithii, sikokianu..

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 10-50cm

Arisaema concinnum
This is a great Arisaema, with very attractive leaves. The spathe tube can either be green or pur..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 75-85cm

Arisaema consanguineum
Produces a superb green spathe with a green or purple spadix. Not as difficult to grow as you wou..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 40-50cm

Arisaema costatum
Do not be put off by the unusual look of these as they are easy to grow and ideal for most areas ..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 45-50cm

Arisaema flavum
Flavum is a lovely bright yellow variety which is coloured purplish red inside. Arisaema's ar..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 25-30cm

Arisaema griffithii
This variety is one of the most unusual of the Arisaema's and needs to be seen to be believed..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 30-40cm

Arisaema jacquemonti
This is an easy to grow species that will bulk up quickly into a clump, producing green flowers i..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 40-50cm

Arisaema kiushianum
Very unusually shaped arisaema, Purplish black veined green, Spadix reaches upward from the flowe..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 20-30cm

Arisaema nepenthoides
Growing arisaema's is really satisfying as they look to be a difficult group of bulbs to grow..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 40-45cm

Arisaema ovale
Ovale was new to us in 2017 and has performed really well in the garden. It is a Japanese form of..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 20-25cm

Arisaema sikokianum
Sikokianum is quite hardy and produces a pure white club-shaped spadix, surrounded by a deep purp..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 20-35cm

Arisaema speciosum
Arisaema speciosum is a very popular variety. Grow in sheltered, shady conditions in soils t..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 30-40cm

Arisaema thunbergii ssp.urashima
thunbergii ssp. urashima is an easy to grow and very hardy Japanese species. The flowers are a ma..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 20-30cm

Arisaema tortuosum
Turtuosum is a very robust arisaema, it produces green spathes and has been known to grow up..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 90-100cm

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