Arisaema candidissimum AGM

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Arisaema candidissimum AGM

Arisaema candidissimum AGM

Not as difficult to grow as you would think, Arisaema's are unusual plants but once established in a shady spot with good drainage and plenty of leaf mould, will require little attention. They are quite spectacular plants for any garden being well suited for the UK market. This variety is white with a pinkish tinge inside. Like many bulbs and plants they need protection from severe frosts. They are happy in soil conditions that are neutral to slightly acid. Can also look great if grown with other arisaema's or martagon lilies.

AGM = Award of Garden Merit.

Aspect: A shady spot in the garden

Soil type: Free draining humus rich soils that do not dry out.

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 30-40cm

Bees & Butterflies

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