Canna Wyoming AGM

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Canna Wyoming AGM

Canna Wyoming AGM

A great looking canna with flowers that are a tangerine orange,darker edged and speckled purple-red with brown leaves. Cannas will grow well in UK gardens and just need to be well watered and fed during the growing season. Feed with rose fertiliser or tomato feed. Cannas are frost tender and as such need to be protected or lifted over winter. They are flamboyant and extravagant looking plants and will provide a great colour during the summer.
Cannas are best started into growth indoors January to April and planted out in May.

They provide spectacular colour in any garden.

AGM = Award of garden merit given by the RHS.

Tip: Start off indoors/greenhouse as soon as you can.

Aspect: The sunnier parts of the garden are ideal.

Soil type: Free draining light soils that heat up quickly. Feed often duing the growing season


Flowering time: July-September
Height: 120-150cm

Bees & Butterflies

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