Crinum powellii album AGM

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Crinum powellii album AGM

Crinum powellii album AGM

Crinums are exceptionally large bulbs and produce large stems upto 3 feet tall and with 8 to 12 flowers per stem. The white flowers of powelli album are quite superb and very striking. Will work well in containers or plant in a sunny well drained position. We think they are an easy bulb to grow and will come back for many years. Remember to feed during the flowering and leaf stage with something like bonemeal.

Awarded an AGM by the RHS as it has proven it is a good all round garden plant.

Tip; Work well in containers.

AGM = Award Garden Merit

Aspect: Sunny positions in the garden.

Soil Type: Free draining soils that do not get waterlogged over winter.


Flowering time: August-September
Height: 110-130cm

Bees & Butterflies

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