Crocosmia Lucifer AGM

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Crocosmia Lucifer AGM

Crocosmia Lucifer AGM

Crocosmia Lucifer produce large rich red, funnel shaped flowers. They are a very popular group of plants and provide an immense amount of colour to any garden enviroment. Crocosmias increase well in the garden if left undisturbed. Plant 10 cms deep and 8 cms apart. They enjoy full sun and can be used for cut flowers. Awarded a Garden merit by the RHS for its all round garden performance.

Tip: Feed during the flowering and leaf stage for future years flowering.

AGM = Award of garden Merit

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun

Soil type: Most soils that are free draining. Does not do well in very alkaline soils.




Flowering time: July-August
Height: 85-95cm

Bees & Butterflies

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