Begonia Double Mixed

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Begonia Double Mixed

Begonia Double Mixed

A superb mixture of double begonias with all colours shown in this pack (Large 6/+cm corms). Begonias are well suited for borders and containers and as such will brighten up the shady areas of any garden. They have a long flowering period which starts in July.

Tubers can be started off in a protected greenhouse from January and once the fear off frosts have gone in March/April they can be planted out direct into the garden/container. Begonias are excellent for containers and will provide a mass of colour throughout the summer. Protect young shoots from slug and pest damage.

Instructions provided but for further growing instructions see 'Tim's Tip's begonias' on youtube.

Collection:- 15 tubers 3 of each colour. 30 tubers 6 of each colour


Aspect: Semi shade to full sun>

Soil type: Free draining, moisture retentive soils. Keep begonias well fed when flowering.


Flowering time: July-September
Height: 35-40cm

Bees & Butterflies

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