Muscari Peppermint

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Muscari Peppermint

Muscari Peppermint

Muscari Peppermint is a relatively new grape hyacinth which has very showy flowers which are blue through light blue and fading to a creamy white at the top. Extremely easy to grow and will naturalise really easily in the garden. They can be grown in most soil types including of course containers and are a great asset to the garden. Plant 6-8cms deep and 5cms apart in a sunny well drained soil although of course they can also be planted in the semi-shade and in heavier soils, if you add grit to help the water drain away. They are very suited for growing in containers as planted with tulips or daffodils they will provide a bed of blue/white for the others to grow through. 

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 10-15cm

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