Tigridia pavonia Alba Grandiflora

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Tigridia pavonia Alba Grandiflora

Tigridia pavonia Alba Grandiflora

This variety is white, spotted dark red in the centre (shown in picture top right). Tigridia are a stunningly beautiful and colourful group of plants flowering mid to late summer They are best grown in a sunny, well drained soil. Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms and plant 9-15cms apart and 6cms deep. The flowers only appear for a day or so but as they grow multiple stems then you will get flowers appearing for a number of weeks. Also know as the Mexican shell flower they are ideal to grow amongst low growing shrubs which they grow through and look stunning. Grow in containers, tubs and borders.

Aspect: Full sun preferred but will work well in semi sun.

Soil type: All well drained soils, in heavier soils add grit to aid drainage.



Flowering time: June-August
Height: 40-45cm

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