Begonia Pendula White

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Begonia Pendula White

Begonia Pendula White

Pure white pendulous flowers on very strong stalks which of course hang down. We provide large 6/+cm tubers which will provide flowers all summer long. They benefit from growing in partial shade and will need to be kept well watered and fed during the flowering period. Start begonias off in the greenhouse or similar from January to April and harden off before planting out after the fear of all frosts has passed. Pendula begonias are ideal for hanging baskets or containers where they can hang down showing their cascade of flowers.

Begonias can be started off indoors from January onwards and planted out (or plant direct) into the soil when the fear off all frosts has gone around March/April.

Instructions provided but for further growing instructions see 'Tim's Tip's begonias' on youtube.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun.

Soil type: Free draining, moisture retentive soils. Keep begonias well fed when flowering.


Flowering time: July-September
Height: 30-40cm

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