Scadoxus multiflorus AGM

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Scadoxus multiflorus AGM

Scadoxus multiflorus AGM

This is a very unique bulb, but once in full flower it is absolutely magnificent. It produces a large ball shape, of red flowers on a very strong stem. Scadoxus is often thought to be from the Allium family but it is not Best grown indoors in containers that are only about 4cms larger than the circumference of the bulbs. Plant with the nose of the bulb just showing above the soil surface. After flowering the leaves stay for many months and are also in themselves very attractive.

AGM = Award of garden merit given by the RHS

Tip: Leave undisturbed in the same pot for a number of years.

Soil type: Grow indoors in bulb fibre.

Aspect: Warm parts of the house or outside in the warm summer months

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 30-35cm

Bees & Butterflies

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