Tulip Single Late Kingsblood

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Tulip Single Late Kingsblood

Tulip Single Late Kingsblood

Deep cherry red edged scarlet. Single late tulips are a combination of Darwin and cottage tulips and are generally tall growing.;Used very often for cut flower and cottage garden displays, generally larger flowers and as such they make a great impact in the garden. These tulips will also work very well in containers and when planted with annuals and bi-annuals. In particular they work really well with Alliums and wallflowers and by choosing colour schemes for both you can achieve some wonderful combinations. Prefer solis that are free draining and of a ph neutral to alkaline. In heavy soils such as clay or sandy soils add organic matter. If lifting over winter use yellow sulphur to help with storage.


Flowering time: May-June
Height: 55-60cm

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