Tulip Specie clusiana

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Tulip Specie clusiana

Tulip Specie clusiana

Clusiana with its petals of white and red is one of the most beautiful. Specie tulips are the only tulip which is truely able to naturalise. Quite fantastic when grown in rockeries and containers they are best planted in a well drained area that catches the sun most of the day. As these are often smaller specie bulbs you only need to cultivate the soil to a depth of 10cms before planting. If the soil is heavy and not free draining add grit and or rotted organic matter to help with the drainage. The seemingly delicate flowers of specie tulips are quite fantastic and very robust, working well in most gardens although they may need to be protected if planting in windy areas. Specie tulips originate from the Mediterranean, Asia minor, Persia and Turkey predominantly.





Flowering time: April-May
Height: 20-25cm

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