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15 Pendula Begonias with free basket starter worth £5 for £16.95
Special offer of 15 pendula begonia tubers for only £16.95 which comprises 3 each of the 5 ..

Flowering time: July-Sept
Height: 30-40cm

Achimenes Collection
A fantastic collection of achimenes which can vary but will include 10 bulbs each of 6 different ..

Flowering time: June
Height: 10-15cm

Anemone Blanda Collection
A fantastic collection of Anemone blandas which will come back to bloom year after year. This col..

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 10-15cm

Arisaema Collection
A wonderful collection of arisaemas which comprises 1 each of nepenthoides, griffithii, sikokianu..

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 10-50cm

Bees and Butterflies Dahlia Collection
This is a fantastic colletion of dahlias which will attract a whole range of insects including be..

Flowering time: Aug-First Frosts
Height: 100cm

Canna Collection
This collection comprises of 12 bulbs in total, 3 each of Wyoming, Talisman, Lucifer and Picasso...

Flowering time: July-Aug
Height: 90-150cm

Dahlia Bishop Collection
This is a superb collection which gives 15 tubers in total comprising 3 tubers each of Bishop of ..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 85-95cm

Gladioli Cut Flower Collection
A great collection of grandiflorus gladioli to grow for cut flower. Collection comprises 10 bulbs..

Flowering time: Summer
Height: 90-120cm

Hemerocallis Collection
A very popular collection comprising 6 bulbs in total - Whoopy, X Factor, Arctic Snow, Ageless Be..

Flowering time: July-Sept
Height: 75-90cm

Iris Ensata Breeders Mixture
A fantastic collection of Iris Ensata in varying colours. ..

Flowering time: July-Sept
Height: 60-90cm

Iris Sibirica Collection
A fantastic collection of Iris Sibirica 15 plants in total, 3 each of 5 different named varieites..

Flowering time: July-Sept
Height: 60-90cm

Martagon Lily Collection
Specie lilies take a little longer to establish but are an excellent garden plant and a very popu..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 120cm

Rose Lilium Collection
A wonderful collection of our Rose Lilies which comprises 3 bulbs each of the 5 Rose Lilies we of..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 60-90cm

Trumpet Lily Collection
This a fantastic collection comprising of 3 bulbs each of African Queen, Golden Splendour, Pink P..

Flowering time: July
Height: 150cm

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