Dahlia Bishop Collection

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Dahlia Bishop Collection

Dahlia Bishop Collection

This is a superb collection, Dahlias provide a long period of colour in your garden. Dahlias can be started off indoors during January to March. Alternatively they can be planted outdoors in the garden or containers in late March when the fear of frost has passed. To store until then, keep in a cool, dry and frost free location.

Dahlias provide a huge amount of colour and can be lifted each year to overwinter for the following year.

Visit tims tips dahlias on you tube for detailed growing instructions.

Collection: 15 tubers in total comprising 3 tubers each of Bishop of Llandaff (red), Auckland (crimson), Leicester (white with purplish tinges), York (yellow) and Oxford (orange). 

Tip: Pick of dead heads to ensure a season of flowers.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun, better in the warmer parts of the garden.

Soil type: Happy in all types of soil that are free draining.


Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 85-95cm

Bees & Butterflies

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