Cypripedium reginae

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Cypripedium reginae

Cypripedium reginae

This regal orchid is also known as the Queen or Showy Lady Slipper Orchid as it is one of the most attractive of the genus. Gorgeous pink pouches with white petals. Cypripedium are also known as the Ladys Slipper Orchid and are some of the most beautiful orchids you can grow. They are fantastic to grow in the garden and grow late spring early summer. Plant them in a shady or woodland area planting them in with compost which comprises equal measures of peat, leaf mould and loam mixed with gritty sand.

All our cypripediums are supplied in pots and have at least 2 buds per plant.

Aspect: Cool shady area of the garden.

Soil type: Moisture retentive soils that do not dry out.

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 75-90cm

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