Fritillaria imperialis William Rex

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Fritillaria imperialis William Rex
Fritillaria imperialis William Rex

Fritillaria imperialis William Rex

This is probably the best performing fritillaria that we grew last year. The flower bells of William Rex are an attractive orange to brick red and they are slightly shorter than theother crown imperials and thus also very suitable for containers. They prefer the semi shaded areas of the garden that do not dry out in the growing season. Leave to naturalise for many years and will work really when planted with strong defined tulips or alternatively the taller alliums, camassia and eremurus. An excellent choice for the garden as it is really outstanding. Fritillarias are quite easy to grow and will naturalise extremely well. Remember to feed during the growing season with bone meal or similar to give the bulb energy for the following years flowers.

Flowering time: April-May
Height: 60-75cm

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