Species Lilies tend to have smaller flowers with lots of blooms per stem. Some are often referred to as Turk's Cap Lilies/Flowers from the Far East. They are generally unscented.

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Lilium Black Beauty
Specie lilies are excellent for naturalising and Black Beauty is no different. The flowers are sl..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 120-140cm

Lilium candidum AGM
"The Madonna Lily". Highly scented. Wide white flowers with yellow stamens. Plant bulbs..

Flowering time: June-August
Height: 100-120cm

Lilium Fusion
A lovely new lily that is a hybrib crossed between L. longiflorum and L. pardalinum. The flowers ..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 100-120cm

Lilium henryi AGM
Lilies are easy to grow and will come back for many years. Lilium henryi is a Turks cap specie pr..

Flowering time: July-Sept
Height: 130-150cm

Lilium Lady Alice
This lily is very easy to grow and as such is very popular. This is a hybrid of Henryii with gent..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 140-160cm

Lilium lancifolium var. Splendens AGM
Lilium lancifolium var. Splendens has deep bright orange/red with many purplish-black spots. The ..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 90-100cm

Lilium lankongense
Lilium lankongense is a specie lily. Superb deep pink turks cap lily with petals that are red spo..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 50-70cm

Lilium phillippinense
phillippinense is an unusual liliy with pure white flowers. Specie lilies take a little longer to..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 60-70cm

Lilium pumilum AGM
pumilium has small, bright scarlet nodding flowers which re simply superb. Lilies can be left und..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 45-55cm

Lilium Scarlet Delight
This is a floriferous hybrid lily with flowers that are a crimson red, starburst green centre and..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 100-120cm

Lilium speciosum uchida
One of the most popular of all the lilies. White and pale pink suffused carmine pink at the base ..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 90-100cm

Lilium speciosum var. album
The flowers of speciosum var.album are pure white with slightly green markings. Remember to prote..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 90-100cm

Lilium Sweet Surrender
The flowers are a lemon yellow and an excellent garden plant. In wetter soils add a handful of gr..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 120-150cm

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