Narcissi Division 2 Large Cupped Stainless

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Narcissi Division 2 Large Cupped Stainless

Narcissi Division 2 Large Cupped Stainless

If you are looking for a white daffodil then this one will certainly fit the bill. The petals are a pure white and the quite delicate looking. Cultivate the soil to a minimum of 15cms depth and in heavier soils add in grit or well rotted humus matter to improve the drainage. Daffodils are really versatile and can be grown in containers aswell as being suited for many soil types and areas in the garden that are free draining and recieve some sun for a few hours a day. This is a mid season daffodil that will naturalise very well in the garden and can be left undisturbed for many years. They must however be fed during the flowering and leaf stage (if the soil is poor) with bone meal or similar. Do not cut off or tie up the leaves as this will not allow the bulbs to take in nutrients for the following years growth. The RHS awarded this variety a Garden Merit after a number of years of trialling to ensure it was a good performer in the garden or containers.

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 40-45cm

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