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Anemonella thalictroides Spring Symphony
The stunning double deep pink flowers of Spring Symphony, with its double flowers are quite somet..

Flowering time: April-May
Height: 10-15cm

Canna Black Knight
This new canna is simply superb the bright red flowers are set amongst superb bronze coloured fol..

Flowering time: July-September
Height: 80-90 cm

Dahlia Cabana Banana
Cactus dahlias provide ideal colour for any garden and are easy to grow. Cabana Banana is a ..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 100-135cm

Dahlia H S Date
A good compact dahlia which is ideal for pots and containers, the flowers yellow with an orange r..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 50-60cm

Dahlia Hawaii
Dahlia Hawaii has just incredible flowers that are a mix of white, pink and yellow.  Good fo..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 90-110cm

Dahlia Isadora
Cactus Dahlia Isadora has a double row of spikey flowers The flowers of Isadora are a soft yellow..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 90-120cm

Dahlia Kelsey Annie Joy
Dahlia Kelsey Annie Joy is a collarette dahlia which is very distinctive because they are a ..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 90-120cm

Gladioli Far West
Red and yellow flowers spikes make Far West a great addtion to the garden and also ideal for plan..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 110-125cm

Gloriosa Sparkling Stripe
Sparkling Stripe is a lovely new gloriosa with pale yellow flowers and a pink central stripe. Glo..

Flowering time: June-August
Height: 150-240cm

Lilium Forever Susan
A fantastic Asiatic lily with burnt orange petals that have orange tips and a spotted centre. Asi..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 60-90cm

Lilium Levi
A fantastic Asiatic lily with pure white flowers that have a pink tip. Asiatic lilies are regal w..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 100-120cm

Lilium Mr Pistache
Mr Pistache is a very striking lily with flowers that are white with a golden yellow centre. This..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 160-180cm

Lilium Tarrango
Oriental lily Tarrango is a beautiful new lily with flowers that are a wonderful vivid pink with ..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 110-120cm

Paeony Buckeye Bell
Buckeye Bell is a semi double new peony to us in a gorgeous rich dark red with golden stamens. Pe..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 70cm

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