Lilium Passion Moon

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Lilium Passion Moon

Lilium Passion Moon

Passion Moon is an OT lily with creamy white petal which is flushed purple red on the inside of the petals. Remember to protect the young shoots from slug and pest damage. Like all bulbs they will need to be fed with a high phosphate and potash feed during the flower and leaf stage to ensure they flower in the following years. Bred by crossing the oriental types with trumpet lilies, resulting in Orienpets which are sweetly scented and the flowers will hang pendulous. 

Lilies are an excellent garden plant andcan be left undisturbed for years, only needing to be moved when they become overcrowded. Lilies prefer well drained soil, but if this is a problem just add a handful of grit to the hole when planting.

Tip: Protect young shoots from slugs and pests and feed during flowering to help them naturalise and come back year after year.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun

Soil type: All free draining soils, also happy in heavier clays if grit is placed below the growing bulb.

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 100-120cm

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