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Cabbage January King
January King have solid hearts with a sweet crisp texture and distinctive purple tinge to the lea..

Sowing Time: Apr-June
Harvest: Dec-Mar

Carrot Autumn King
The standard variety, superb colour, long heavy roots. Pull as required throughout the winter. La..

Sowing Time: Apr-June
Harvest: Aug onwards

Carrot Flyaway
Nantes type suitable for mid-season cropping ,high in anti-oxidant beta carotene which conve..

Sowing Time: Mar-May
Harvest: July onwards

Cauliflower All The Year Round
Large curds, dark green leaves, this vegetable is the mark of a good gardener. A good source of i..

Sowing Time: Jan-May or Sept-Oct
Harvest: June-Oct

Climbing French Bean Cobra
A good variety for indoor and outdoor production with long, straight and round fine pods with a s..

Sowing Time: Apr-Jun
Harvest: June onwards

Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green
A vast improvement on the old ridge cucumbers, superb flavour but with no bitterness. Crisp diges..

Sowing Time: Feb-May
Harvest: July onwards

Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen
RIghtly one of the most popular varieties, good flavour, early, prolific and good freezing qualit..

Sowing Time: Mar-June
Harvest: June onwards

Leek Musselburgh
A popular variety, good flavour with strong growing habit. Good source of vitamins A an..

Sowing Time: Mar-Apr
Harvest: Nov-Jan/Feb

Marrow Long Green Bush
The true traditional marrow, selected stock chosen for its dark green fruit with light green..

Sowing Time: Apr-May
Harvest: Jul-Sept

Parsnip Tender and True
One of the most popular varieties, with long tapering roots with very little core and excellent s..

Sowing Time: March-April
Harvest: Oct-Feb

Pea Kelvedon Wonder
Dark green pointed pods with small exceptionally sweet peas. Ideal for successive sowing and heav..

Sowing Time: Mar-Jul
Harvest: Jun-Sept

Pea Oregon Sugar Pod
A tall mid-season variety with an excellent flavour and very productive. Produces large flat, sli..

Sowing Time: April-June
Harvest: July onwards

Pepper Jalapeno
Upright plant habit, very prolific grower with long thin very pungent fruits used for cayenne or ..

Sowing Time: Early Spring
Harvest: Late Summer

Runner Bean Hestia
A dwarf variety suitable for tubs, containers and open planting. It produces beautiful red a..

Sowing Time: April-June
Harvest: June onwards

Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor
A traditional old variety, long pods of fine quality and flavour which crops a lit..

Sowing Time: April-June
Harvest: July onwards

Swede Marian
A real winner, heavy yields of purple skinned, orange fleshed roots with resistance to club ..

Sowing Time: May-June
Harvest: Oct onwards

Sweetcorn Sweet Nugget
Extra sweet type, ready in early September. Cobs are quite long with attractive dark green husk. ..

Sowing Time: April-May
Harvest: Sept onwards

Tomato Moneymaker
Heavy yields of medium size fruits produced on large trusses. A reliable and ever popular va..

Sowing Time: Jan-March
Harvest: July onwards

Tomato Sweet Milion
A prolific heavy cropper producing sweet shiny red cherry size tomatoes which is high in vitamin ..

Sowing Time: March-April
Harvest: July onwards

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