Allium cristophii AGM offer 50 bulbs for £20

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Allium cristophii AGM offer 50 bulbs for £20

Allium cristophii AGM offer 50 bulbs for £20

Cristophii is one of the most popular alliums with silvery lilac star shaped flowers which make up the complete flower head. It makes a superb garden plant and is also very good for use as a cut flower. Plant bulbs approx four times deeper than the diameter of the bulbs.  Alliums are superb for bees and butterflies and will naturalise very well in most soils that are well drained. Feed with bone meal or similar during the leaf and flowering stage to ensure future good growth and performance. Alliums perform very well with early flowering perennials.

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 40-50cm

Bees & Butterflies

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