We offer a selection of tulips that originate from the Mediterranean, Asia Minor, Persia, Turkey, the Caucasus, Far East and Himalayas. These tulips are now becoming very popular and many of them make excellent rockery flowers. Plant in a well drained position in full sun but protected from extreme Winter winds.

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Tulip Specie acuminata
Originally described in 1813 but known by the Turks since the 17th Century. Very fine petals of o..

Flowering time: Mar-April
Height: 40-50cm

Tulip Specie hageri
Lovely bronzy-red dwarf tulip excellent for naturalising in the rock garden or in semi-shade unde..

Flowering time: Mar-April
Height: 12-15cm

Tulip Specie humillis violaceae Yellow Base
A lovely new tulip in doge purple with a yellow base, hence the name! Originating from the Medite..

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 8-10cm

Tulip Specie Lady Jane AGM
Exterior magenta rose with an ivory white margin. Very elegant. Ideal for the rock garden. Will n..

Flowering time: Mar-April
Height: 25-30cm

Tulip Specie Little Beauty AGM
Superb dwarf tulip. Tyrian purple exterior with an outer base of moss green. Inside of flower is ..

Flowering time: Mar-April
Height: 10-12cm

Tulip Specie sylvestris

Flowering time: Mar-April
Height: 25-30cm

Tulip Specie whittallii AGM
Distinctive shaped tulip of a vivid orange bronze. Originating from the Mediterranean, Asia Minor..

Flowering time: Mar-April
Height: 25-30cm

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