Tulip Double Late Vaya Con Dios

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Tulip Double Late Vaya Con Dios

Tulip Double Late Vaya Con Dios

Vaya Con Dios is named after the Belgian music group and is a beautiful double fringed tulip which starts life as mainly yellow gaining apricot, orange and red hues as it ages. Tulips prefer to be planted in cooler soils which is normally October although if you cannot plant then before or after is fine as they will still perform very well. Cultivate soils to a depth of up to 25cms and plant 10 to 15cms deep and 10cms apart. Try growing in a group of 20 or more for a particularly wonderful display.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun

Soil type: All free draining soils, add grit or well rotted compost to heavier soils to help with drainage.

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 35-40cm

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