Onion Red Brunswick

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Onion Red Brunswick

Onion Red Brunswick

This is a lovely red skinned onion which is very strong grower. Red Brunswick is one of the older varieties available but has stood the test of time still producing nice round bulbs. This variety will store very well and has a lovely flavour. Plant the bulbs from February to April and expect to harvest from October onwards. If storing before planting keep them in a cool airy place. Plant the tips of the bulbs above soil level and at 10cm intervals with rows about 30cms apart. Grow onions with mint as the smell of the mint will confuse the onion fly.

Tip: Avoid planting in frehly manured soil and they will benefit from a full sun position.

Aspect: As much sun as possible (not so good in shady areas)

Soil type: Free draining fertile soils.

Planting time: February-April
Harvest: August-October

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