Potato Sharpes Express

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Potato Sharpes Express

Potato Sharpes Express

This is a lovely first early potato and thoroughly recommended. The tubers are long and oval with a white skin and a pale lemon flesh.

They are a good all round kitchen potato but are best suited for boiling, chipping and roasting although they are also fine for chipping, salads and baking.

Very resistant to common scab and the tubers have shallow eyes. 

Potato's benefit from being chitted before planting in March-April. Store in a cool light spot before planting. Cultivate soils as deep as possible and add plenty of well rotted manure. Potatos are best grown in rows, so dig a trench 20cms deep and 10cms wide and plant the tubers in the bottom every 20cms.and cover over. As the potato's start to grow cover the emerging shoots with soil until a ridge of soil about 30cms high has been attained and then leave the foliage to grow above the ridge.

Tip: Keep well watered during the growing period.

Aspect: Full sun to semi shade.

Soil type: Soils that are not to heavy and if possible have been well manured.

Planting time: March-April
Harvest: June-onwards

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