Tulip Multiflora Wallflower

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Tulip Multiflora Wallflower

Tulip Multiflora Wallflower

Deep maroon red multi-flowered flowered tulip. These tulips are superb for bedding displays, large pots or tubs. Each bulb provides between two and six flowers. Multiflora tulips are ideal for growing in tubs, large pots and for using in the garden for bedding displays. These tulips will grow happily in the semi shade or full sun in most garden soils that are free draining. Prefer to be planted in soils that have been cultivated to about 8'' in depth as this will give them room to fully produce their root system. Ensure that they are able to get hold of food during the growing season which is predominantly phosphate and potash. If soils are poor add well rotted manure in the spring before planting or use bone meal or similar when the leaves and flowers are growing. Grown in many NGS gardens.


Flowering time: Late Apri-May
Height: 45-55cm

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