Tulip Lily Flowered White Triumphator AGM

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Tulip Lily Flowered White Triumphator AGM

Tulip Lily Flowered White Triumphator AGM

Pure white, graceful pointed reflexing petals. Superb garden plant. Lily flowering tulips are elegant flowers with gracefully pointed, reflexed petals. Generally tall stemmed, they are excellent for formal bedding. This variety has been awarded a garden merit by the RHS for its strong all round garden performance. These tulips have a dramatic effect in the borders of gardens and as they are so tall they can be used at the back of borders. When planting ensure the soil is cultivated to a depth of 15cm and is free draining, in the heavier soils add grit and rotted humus material to give extra drainage. Plant tulips when the ground starts to cool down which is often in October. Tulips do benefit from using bulb starter when first planting. 


Flowering time: Late April-May
Height: 55-65cm

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